Brad P. Gorman died on September 30, 1999 while training for El Tour de Tucson held annually in November.  Brad's bicycle was struck by a pickup truck and the 17 year old driver was issued a $66 citation for 'unsafe passing'.  Since that date, the Brad P. Gorman Memorial Bike Fund Committee worked diligently with Arizona State officials to enact the 'safe passing bill' which requires motorists to allow a minimum of three feet when passing a bicyclist and the fines for unsafe passing were increased dramatically.  Through the enactment of the 'safe passing bill' Brad's name will always be a reminder of

Bicyclists Ride Along Drivers


The Brad P. Gorman Memorial Bike Fund.................

is dedicated to extending bike lanes, educating both cyclists and motorists of their rights on the road, and teaching people of all ages how to share highways and roads as equals. 

In its existence the BRAD Fund Committee was instrumental in acquiring federal funds of $443,000 for Pima County which was used to extend the bike lanes on Catalina Highway including the portion where Brad was killed.  In addition the 'safe passing bill' became law and the State Drivers Test now includes questions on fines for collisions with bicyclists and safe passing distance of bicyclists.

Our efforts are not to memorialize Brad but to help prevent any more senseless deaths on the streets in Arizona and throughout the nation.  Although his death was a tragedy Brad is now our inspiration to make the streets safer for all.

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